Who Should Use AdTournament.com

Who Should Use AdTournament.com?

Anyone who is looking for graphic design work and would typically hire a freelance designer or small design agency.  Our service excels at designing; logos, print ads, t-shirts, online banner ads, billboards, posters, program or magazine covers etc.  Starting a new company or event and need a logo? Looking for a fresh, new approach to your print advertising? How about a t-shirt design for a company event? Maybe you just want to get some new ideas on how to update your current company logo. Graphic design work - that's where we really excel . 

AdTournament is a Graphic Design Website.

We are not a branding agency.  This requires a different set of skills.  But if you are looking for solid, professional graphic design work at a price and deadline that you determine...then we're a turnkey solution for you.  Just ask our clients or read their testimonials.

Fundamentally, the first step of this graphic process is familiar to anyone who's previously contracted a freelancer designer or even worked with a design agency.

The first step is to complete the simple, Question & Answer, creative brief.  This process takes about 8-10 minutes.  You can review the entire creative brief before you are prompted to enter your credit card and launch your project, so we encourage you to go through this process as it will help you think through exactly what you want.

After you launch your project is where our business model, in our opinion and in the opinion of our past clients, is a better solution than the typical single source provider (meaning - using just one contracted designer).  You see your project is immediately made available to our massive database of designers coming from more than 30 countries around the world including all corners of the United States.  Each of these designers..literally within hours...will begin submitting their design concepts in response to your creative brief. 

So with AdTournament.com, for one fee that you determine, you will be working with multiple designers - instead of just one.  Leveraging technology and the global reach of the Internet, we've helped you get a better graphic design solution.

In the end you can expect:
  • A great design work for your custom project 
  • An easy to use and fast software for managing the graphic design process
  • A great value and return on your money
  • File formats that allow you to use your designs in many applications
To get the best experience possible on our site, please abide by the following Guidelines when working with our designers:

  • Fill out the Creative Brief as completely as possible
  • Set a fair project design fee and a good amount of time for designers to submit entries to receive the best quality and quantity of entries.
  • Invite some of your favorite freelance designers to join our Design Association (which is a free registration) so they can participate on your projects.
  • If possible, check in daily and provide feedback and rank entries OFTEN to optimize your results.  
  • Be professional and polite when providing feedback and try to be specific (i.e., I prefer Aqua blue vs. I don’t like the color blue you are using.) 
  • Select a winner promptly once the project is completed.  This is to be fair to and ensure that you will have ample time to request additional files or any revisions.
  • If you are having an issue with a designer try to work things out on your own first, but ask for help, before the situation escalates into one that will be difficult to resolve.
  • Contact us if you need help during any of the initial process to set your project up.  Filling out complete and accurate information is key to getting the entries you desire. 
  • Once a project ends, you should pick a winning entry within 7 days.