Frequently Asked Questions

 What is is a Graphic Design Website that leverages the power of the CROWD.  We view our service as a new business solution for a modern company in the social media era to get their graphic design done with great design options at a price and deadline that the client determines.  We provide you the flexibility of not only using the power of the CROWD for your designs, but also your market research. Let the CROWD vote for your best design providing you with valuable feedback on which ad is the most impactful.  The process is an elegant solution for your graphic design projects.  See what our clients have to say about - Client Testimonials

How do I start a project?

Starting a project is simple.  Simply click on any link that says, 'Start Project'.  This will take you to a simple and easy to use creative brief.  Creative briefs vary depending upon the type of graphic design project.  For example a logo creative brief is different than an online banner creative brief.  During this process you'll be asked to choose your tournament deadline and the tournament purse for which the designers will be competing.  You name the price and the deadline.  At the end of the creative brief you will be prompted to enter your credit card.  The tournament purse will be held in an escrow account until after you approve your final artwork AND the designer has uploaded the final files to your project page.  Then you'll be prompted to release the prize amount to the designer.  Once you complete the creative brief your project will become 'live' and available for our very large community of designers from around the world.  You'll begin seeing design submissions very quickly.  Sometimes in just hours.

What types of graphic design work can I get?

At this time, we offer custom designed; logo, t-shirt, online banner ads, print ads, billboard ads, letterhead and business card design work.  We can also do some specialty work like designing a blog masthead or a car wrap.  Click here to view the creative brief.  You can go through the exercise of completing a creative brief without any firm commitment to launch the tournament until the final step, which is billing where you enter your credit card.  The entire process can be completed in 8-10 minutes.

How are the design fees determined?
You determine the price for the work, but we do suggest 'rate card' prices for each job to optimize your results.  For example, our suggested price for a logo design is $1000.  The suggested price for a t-shirt is $400.  This is the best way for you to optimize the platform.

How is the project due date determined?

You determine the exact start and end date for your tournament when completing the creative brief.  The deadline can be extended at your discretion at any time up to a total of 21 days from the start of the tournament.

How many submissions will I receive?

Each job receives an average of approximately 50 entries.  At the end of the job you will judge all of the submissions and select the top design. OR you can launch a tournament and allow the CROWD to vote to determine your champion!  This designer will be awarded the tournament prize purse.  At that time, you’ll also have the option of buying your 2nd place and 3rd place designs with the same design fee payable to each designer.  So for example, if the design fee was $400, then the top design would receive $400 then you could also choose to buy the 2nd and 3rd ranked designs for an additional $400 each.

How can I communicate with the designers?

Just below the creative brief you will notice an area for public comments.  This is where you can leave input, instructions and feedback to all of the designers who are working on the job.  There’s also a private messaging feature, which allows you to communicate directly with an individual designer during the process.  On going feedback is one of the guiding principles to getting great design.  At the close of the submission phrase or ENTRY phase of your tournament, your tournament will move to the JUDGING phase. At this time you'll be able to rank your favorite designs.  Request revisions from the designers, then again RANK your favorites.  At this point it's time to AWARD the prize purse by selecting your tournament champion.  OR let the CROWD decide by letting them vote for their favorite. Simply click the SHARE & VOTE BUTTON on your project brief to share you top ranked designs on your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, email database or just a discrete group like your Board of Directors.

What if I don’t like any of my designs?

Unlike the typical working relationship with a design agency or freelancer designer, with if you are dissatisfied with the designs that you receive then you will receive a full refund.  We have a 100% Money Back Guarantee. 

How do I get started?

The creative brief is where you start.  You’ll find the process very familiar. It will take you 8-10 minutes to complete.  This short Question & Answer will help you through the process and it just takes a few minutes – QUICK LINK TO CREATIVE BRIEF. You won’t be billed until you provide your credit card information and start (or ‘launch’) the tournament.