Bruce Anderson
President, Bruce Anderson Consulting, LLC

Designing a new logo can be divisive, stressful and very expensive. AdTournament made it easy, fun and affordable. After retiring, I wanted to start a part-time consulting business. Every consultant needs a really cool business card and occasionally, some stationary to send out bills. So, I tried AdTournament at the recommendation of my wife. I received over 60 designs over the course of two weeks from a dozen professional graphic design artists from around the world. Imagine what that would cost if you hired them separately on your own! The hardest part was picking from the top entries. One bit of advice I would offer is to give the designers feedback through the process. Most were more than willing to modify their designs or create new designs to better fit my needs. I felt badly that I could only select one winner. I would recommend AdTournament to anyone who wants a variety of designs to choose from. Finding out that AdTournament is based in Hawaii, my home, was a pleasant surprise.

Designed by isonmez
From Tr Turkey


Jenny Peterson
Sandy Bottoms Staffing

AdTournament is amazing!!!! I was skeptical at first because I am a fine artist and didn’t know how this concept could really achieve the aesthetic I wanted for my logo design. It reached my expectations and more! AdT gave me the opportunity to work with multiple designers to come up with a concept that I love. I would have never been able to achieve this anywhere else with my small start-up budget. I am so grateful for the designers who took the time and energy to work with me and tailor the design from start to finish. I was really specific with my design direction and they all hung in there till the end!

Designed by hege_d
From Dk Denmark


Sean Lavoine
Vice President Licensing & Corporate Sales, American Hockey League

AdTournament.com is a great source for companies big and small to source new logos and advertising creative. I found the platform very easy to use and the customer service was exceptional when I had questions. We received several options for our project and worked with designers to draft the exact look we were looking. I expect that we will use AdTournamenet again in the near future.

Designed by doene.rg
From Id Indonesia


Randy Buller
President, Parts Authority, Inc.

I'd like to thank Adtournament for giving our company a new face. The concept is fantastic and your artists are extremely creative as well as flexible. They came up with fresh ideas and beautiful graphics, at a bargain rate. We have implemented new logos created through Adtournament in two of our markets and have gotten very positive feedback in both markets. If you are looking to change your look, I strongly recommend you take a look at Adtournament as your vehicle.

Designed by willyyachelini
From Ar Argentina


Rick Wolf
Fantasy Sports Hall of Famer and Co-Host of Colton and The Wolfman Tuesday Nights 8-11pm ET on SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio.

Creating a design for a radio show is a challenge in itself, but satisfying two skeptics is even harder. AdTournament.com came through like Calvin Johnson, Aaron Rodgers and Cam Newton did last year for their fantasy owners. So simple. Place the ad; review the work; select the winner. Voila. You have a professional logo for your product, service, company or even your new radio show. With AdTournament.com scoring a new logo was as easy as an Extra Point!

Designed by cholid
From Id Indonesia


Caroline Anderson
Tourism Brand Manager, Hawaii Tourism Authority

Our agency wanted to try a new approach in developing our conference logo. A colleague recommended AdTournament, and I am glad we went this route. Completing the on-line questionnaire and project brief was easy. It was exciting to see all the different creative artwork. In total we received 57 entries over 2 weeks. The difficult part was deciding which one to go with because the artwork submitted was really good, and I knew the artists spent alot of time developing and customizing their pieces to fit our needs. I also appreciated the help and guidance of the AdTournament staff as they were prompt to answer questions and also provided helpful suggestions. I would recommend highly recommend AdTournament to anyone interested in developing a logo or artwork for their company. Mahalo AdTournament!

Designed by sinisterdesign
From Us United States


Philip Richardson
President, J'adore Floral Designs

Designing a logo can be an expensive, long and sometimes very difficult endeavor, especially when working with only one designer. The advantage to working with Ad Tournament is simple, working with a multitude of designers in a collaborative enviroment where you can share your design ideas in a public forum and get feedback from friends, family and colleagues. As a new startup company we were conscious about costs and Ad Tournament's attractive pricing model fit well within what we believed to be reasonable. We had over 280 entries submitted and when finalizing our logo, communication between the finalists and ourselves was easy and fast. We highly recommend Ad Tournament to any company looking for an alternative to the standard design options, in fact we have referred about eight companies that we know to be in the marketplace for a new logo.

Designed by idglover
From Th Thailand


Philip Richardson
President, Event Accents

Refacing a locally known brand is a challenging endeavor. It starts with picking one designer to capture the essence of the brand you represent. With Ad Tournament we had the luxury of choosing from over 285 entries submitted, each one offering a different perspective and interpretation of the message we wanted to convey. As we fine tuned the design, collaborating with the designers and having our Partners, Clients and friends vote on their favorites, it became clear that Ad Tournament has it right. The process is simple and painless from sign up to final artwork... now with just about a month before we finish our new website we are ready to reveal the final artwork.

Designed by byY
From Tr Turkey


Rich Miano
President and CEO, Hawaii Speed Quickness

After using AdTournament to develop two company logos, I can recommend the service with complete confidence. Both projects resulted in hundreds of original and impressive submissions. All of the artists I communicated with were responsive to my requests and demonstrated complete professionalism. Towards the end of my projects, the artists made creative suggestions based on my preferences and past requests. The end result was two dynamic company logos that far exceeded my expectations at a very competitive price.

Designed by doene.rg
From Id Indonesia


Diane Shimizu
Hawaii State Center for Nursing

AdTournament is a great business tool for any organization who have limited funds to spend. The process was fast and the AdTournament staff was readily available with technical assistance to make the process very easy. The results were better than great... I would have to say "WOW" I never expected to get such a huge selections of responses with professional results. We received over 30 responses to our request in a matter of two weeks. I would highly recommend using this great marketing tool and would not hesitate to use AdTournament again.

Designed by idglover
From Th Thailand


Michael Robinson
Executive Director, Philanthropy & Government Affairs at Hawaii Pacific Health

I’d recommend AdTournament to anyone considering the creation of a design product – no matter how big or small your budget.. We recently launched into the public phase of a capital campaign in support of Hawai‘i’s only Children’s specialty care hospital. Therefore we were looking for an iconic campaign logo to represent an institution that has an established brand and that has touched the lives of almost every resident in our state for the last 100 years. AdTournament was perfect for this assignment. The hardest part of the process was picking the winner! Most of all it was a fun process as I was able to engage my staff, board, and designers to get involved through a very nifty “voting” process. I also can’t say enough about the designer community this site attracts – literally from around the world – to assist. In less than 2 weeks I had more than 350 entries of potential design submittals.

Designed by willyyachelini
From Ar Argentina


Anthony Pace
Anthony Pace Realtor

AdTournament.com designed a new clean, crisp, striking, professional logo for my business. The process was simple, cost effective, and the website easy to use. I receive ongoing compliments on the new logo design, so I know people take notice. I highly recommend AdTournament.com above any other competitors.

Designed by byY
From Tr Turkey


Tom Rakoczy
creative director for the NY Islanders

Holding our 2011 FanFest logo contest on AdTournament was a wonderful experience and it surpassed all of our expectations. It was a very easy process as we were able to communicate very smoothly with the designers.

AdTournament makes it very simple to express your messaging. When initially posting the contest, we described a logo we’d like to emulate. We provided the name of the event and gave detailed instructions of what we wanted to be incorporated in the design.

Most designers understood just what we were looking for from the beginning. For those that didn’t get our idea, with an effortless couple of clicks we let them know a design they created was not what we were looking for. Then, they headed back to the drawing board and came back with additional ideas. The end result was a terrific logo that we’re using in all our marketing collateral for our 2011 FanFest, a major event on our summer calendar.

My best recommendation for contest holders is just be as detailed as possible. There are great designers on AdTournament who will help you immensely, all you need to do is communicate the details to them.

Designed by Shewolf
From Us United States


Jon Bryan
President, JB Brands, Inc.

Thank you AdTournament for assisting me with the development of my company logo design. I am very happy with the final product and I received over 80 designs to choose from. I like the fact that I could provide feedback on the designs to the entire group of designers or to a particular designer as well.

The process was efficient and you can’t beat the price! Once the contest was finalized, I received a Design & Transfer of Rights Agreement and the logo in different digital file formats for me to use immediately. I was truly amazed on how easy and fast the process was.

Designed by cholid
From Id Indonesia



AdTournament is a great way to get creative, go global and stay within your budget. The process is simple, straight forward and when I get an email notifying me of a new submission, I immediately go online. To say I was blown away with the quality and quantity would be putting it mildly.

Designed by JLongDesign
From Us United States


Rachel Bacchus
Eldo Esthetics and Waxing

We were so pleased that we found AdTournament for our logo project. It was so much fun to see the entries and we absolutely love our logo. It has captured everything we are about. It has allowed us to start branding our business. The designers really listened to our feedback and ultimately we could not have asked for a better design. So many people have asked who designed our logo and we love sharing our experience. Thanks for everything!

Designed by cholid
From Id Indonesia


Fisheye Studios

Our company was in the need for a new logo, so we used AdTournament. I was very surprised at the amount of submissions we received. There were so many to choose from, so it was hard to pick only one. With just a minimal investment, we were able to reach many skilled graphic designers who were able to meet our needs. I would highly recommend Ad Tournament.

Designed by bkeeney
From Us United States


Mark Mugiishi MD
FACS Endoscopy Institute of Hawaii

Endoscopy Institute of Hawaii ran a logo design contest on AdTournament and we were extremely pleased with the process. The website is easy to navigate and the pricing is competitive. More importantly, there were 74 high quality entries submitted for judging, and it created the "good" problem of being very difficult to pick one winner. Ultimately, we ended up with a logo that our entire Board felt extremely good about, and we were extremely satisfied with the entire process and the final result.

Designed by cholid
From Id Indonesia